Each time I’ve felt great.

“For all those considering the Juicing company’s 3- day cleanse I wanted to share my experience.  I can honestly say that the 3 days are not difficult and I’ve not been hungry (but for me 3 days is enough!)

I’ve completed one cleanse a month for the last 4 months based on how great I felt after the first one. Not all have been the same and I realised that is predominantly down to my planning. It works best for me if I have nothing planned and there’s no kids holidays to deal with!

During the cleanse I typically have a slight headache and tiredness – usually a slump mid-afternoon on day 1 or 2, but with loads of water and allowing myself a short break from work at a screen it passes.

Each time I’ve felt great at the end – skin is great, less bloating, some weight loss and a feeling of being “light” and focused.  I’ve also noticed slight changes in taste – for example I removed the sugar I had in my coffee. Throughout my last cleanse I exercised everyday – sometimes twice – and felt full of energy.

I’d recommend if you’re thinking about it and Vanessa is always super helpful responding to questions and general advice.”