Vanessa Bremner

Here at The Juicing Co., we pride ourselves on being a small, local producer of delicious raw, cold pressed juices.  With our panel of Experts who each have a vast amount of knowledge and experience, along with providing exceptional customer service we believe this makes us stand out from the crowd.  You can read about each of our Experts under the ‘Our Experts’ tab, but for now, let me introduce myself and tell you a little of how The Juicing Co. came about.

Hello, I’m Vanessa and I’m the Founder of The Juicing Co.  In 2012, I graduated from Robert Gordon University with a BA(Hons) in International Hospitality Management.  I spent 8+ years working in the Hospitality Industry, where I won numerous awards for outstanding Customer Service - this is something I take into our day to day running of The Juicing Co.  From there, I decided to move into Business Development within the Oil & Gas Industry, before moving to Singapore with my husband, Stuart, in 2014.

Whilst living in Singapore, I discovered two classes which completely changed my life.  First was Body Blitz run by Medical Nutritionist, Karin G. Reiter and Fitness Trainer, Karine Gauthier, and secondly was an outdoor fitness group, Momentum Bootcamps.  It was in these classes that my new health and well-being journey began.  I was constantly surrounded by such incredible, strong and inspiring women and I absolutely loved learning about nutrition, wholefoods and how we can heal our own body by using food as medicine.

From there, I threw myself into every nutrition class going, changed our entire lifestyle, hunted for every juice bar, raw food cafe and refined sugar free treat.  Singapore was full of these amazing places!

We went on to travel around the World, from India to New York, Australia to Maldives and all over South East Asia tasting every flavour that these new destinations had to offer.  I honed in on my new skills and my passion for all things health and well-being related grew.

In December 2015, heavily pregnant with our first baby, I returned to Aberdeen and tried to implement our new lifestyle back home but it was hard.  I couldn’t seem to find the items that I needed, nowhere seemed to sell raw foods (that wasn’t just a boring salad) or refined sugar free treats and I couldn’t get a vegetable juice for love nor money!  That’s when the idea for The Juicing Co first came about.

Life became busy with our new baby girl and my husband working abroad.  I would speak of my dream of bringing cold pressed juices to Aberdeen but then put it to the back of my mind, thinking it was impossible.

In the end, after a huge amount of persuasion from my husband, I took the first jump and registered The Juicing Co.  Once we were registered, everything just seemed to fly from there and our dream of bringing raw, highly nutritious and delicious juices to Aberdeen soon became a reality.

Fast forward to 2020, we now have a range of packages from heath optimising Tonic Shots, gorgeous Fridge Filler Packages and beautiful detoxifying 3 Day Cleanses, which we deliver nationwide, and life is even more busy with two little ones and another on the way!

Lesson learned, nothing is ever impossible!  If you have a dream, believe it and follow it until it becomes a reality.  Safe to say our journey would have been all the more difficult if it wasn’t for my amazing husband and incredible friends, friends with small businesses that helped bring The Juicing Co. dream to reality.  Some of whom are;

Our panel of Experts, Karin and Rob.   I’ll be posting more about them over the coming days, keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook.

Melissa, from Melabella Gifts, who designed our logo from scratch and continues to look after all of our Graphic Design needs.

Austin, previously from Horizon Graphics, for designing our website.

Radek, from Photomagician, for all the photos over the years.

Janet, Instructional Design, for taking my spelling error riddled word document and making it perfect.

Shona for QA’ing all our content.

Euan, Photographer, for taking the photos of our new updated product ranges.

And every single friend and family member who’s ever taste tasted, given advice, commented on designs, built me up when I’ve had ideas and hugged me when things haven’t quite gone to plan.  Thank you.


We love to support other small businesses wherever possible, if you would like to work with us, please contact us on

Much love,

The Juicing Co. Team X